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We play Pathfinder on the Official Paizo Twitch stream every Monday from 20:00 UTC. We’re currently on War for the Crown, but we’ve played through Silverhex Chronicles, Dragon’s Demand, Skull and Shackles, Ire of the Storm, Wrath of the Righteous, Strange Aeons and The Fall of Plaguestone in the past!

Starting with War for the Crown we are now putting out a podcast of the sessions. There’s not an awful lot of visual stuff anyway, so it makes sense. You can listen to the episodes on this site (there’s a play button at the bottom of the post, so you can listen and read along) or on our podbean page. The write-ups are also on our Discord server where you can catch up on everything and just hang out!



Lastly, I’m also writing up a ‘story so far’ for War for the Crown, it’s turning into a novel! (This took up a little too much time, so is no longer updated.)


SEASON ONE – War For the Crown: Book One – Crownfall

Session 0 – Introduction
War for the Crown: Crownfall introduction.


Session 1 – Welcome to Oppara
In the first episode of our new Paizo AP, we introduce the characters and mechanics of Social Influence before heading off to start our adventures at the Exaltation Day gala.


Session 2 – Not Everyone’s Here for Fun
As the gala progresses, Lady Lotheed lets the party know about a… more malevolent character present. They gain a new goal: Stop this woman from interfering with the primogeniture vote!


Session 3 – An Eventful Gala, Indeed
Supper is served, the Senate convenes, and the Exaltation Day gala comes to a close. Will the vote to repeal the current primogeniture pass?

To close out the annual gathering, the standing Grand Prince himself always arrives to deliver an ending speech. Nobles, aristocrats and senators alike all gather around to get to hear the ruler of Taldor himself speak…


Session 4 – Where ARE We?
Trapped in what seems to be a doomsday bunker, the party has no way to get back to Martella or the chaos of the Exaltation Gala. There seems to be no way out of this closed system of 4 small rooms.

How can they get out of these halls, and what lies beyond? Where ARE they?


Session 5 – The Door™
The undercrofts of the Senate extend far further than anyone could have imagined, and in the centuries since they were last explored they’ve gained some… interesting inhabitants. Undead, underdwellers and unravelled enchantments abound!

But the biggest threat the party faces is a single door.


Session 6 – The End of a Circle
Wounded, shaken, and low on resources, the party need to find a way out of the Senate sublevels before they meet their end. They found a reception counter, so surely the entrance (their exit) couldn’t be THAT far?

They were warned of another threat lurking in the halls, however. Dagio, and his infinite circles, still lie in wait!

Session 7 – To the Surface!
The group has overcome the King of Circles ruling over the new ecosystem in the Senate sublevels, and is only mere yards from freedom… but one more threat lies between them and their escape.


Session 8 – Streets of Oppara
The party has finally returned to the surface, and gets their first glimpse of Oppara after the slaughter in the Senate. This is far from time to relax: they now know their benefactor, Martella, is being held by the Brotherhood of Silence somewhere inside the city!

Their own needs and injuries must come first, however. They haven’t much time to rest, but they’ll need at least a day to recover and prepare themselves before they head out on another adventure.


Session 9 – Skilled Infiltrators, Indeed
Valeros and Merisiel have been sent by the Pathfinder Society to aid the party in their attack on the Dignified Repository. The group meets up with them to make plans before they head in.

As any skilled tactician will tell you, no plan survives contact with the enemy.


Session 10 – One Bard’s Performance
Stealth tactics have failed, and now the party is faced with the exactly what they’d hoped to avoid: the full wrath of the Brotherhood of Silence descending upon them! To survive, they’ll have to fight their way through all the warehouse’s defenders, led by a strange Fetchling Bard…

Shorter session this week, as we had some pretty serious technical issues heading up the stream.


Session 11 – Sometimes, You Offend the Dice
Nobody knows what causes it, but every tabletop player knows the pain of offending the Dice Gods™. With a greater enemy outside the game than in it, can the party overcome the next wave of the Brotherhood’s defenses while rolling exclusively 8 or lower?



Session 12 – Clown Fiesta (Jester Fiesta?)
Finally, the party corners the halfling jester Wyssilka in the depths of Lady Lotheed’s safehouse. With Lotheed’s life in the balance, can the heroes triumph over the strongest agents of the Brotherhood of Silence?

We’re gonna have some player shake-ups coming next session to address the constant absences!


Session 13 – One Chapter Ends, Another Begins
With Martella freed, and the contract taken out upon the party by the Brotherhood of Silence canceled, the storm seems to finally have passed. Taldor still stands with no ruler, and the War for the Crown is truly beginning. Senators from all over the country are throwing their hats in the ring!
The party has proven themselves capable, and Lady Martella could use allies now more than ever. Finally, they get to meet the power pulling her strings…

So, as is unfortunately all too common with adults trying to keep a tabletop game going, schedules change and people have to be shuffled around sometimes. This episode introduces two roster changes to our group: a new player taking over for Dara Rostam, and a brand new player character entirely!


SEASON TWO – War For the Crown: Book Two – Songbird, Scion, Saboteur!

Session 01 – Songbird, Scion, Saboteur!
Now working directly to put Princess Eutropia on the throne (and perhaps as importantly, to prevent Maxillar Pythareus from attaining that goal), the party has a new task set before them. What adventures await in the distant farmland of Meratt County?

Session 02 – A Glorious Day for a Joust!
For the main event on the first day of the Tanager Jubilee, Count Lotheed and Baron Okerra are holding a friendly jousting tournament. Most of the party can barely hold a lance, much less while riding a horse… but that sure won’t stop them from trying!

Session 03 – This is Getting… Odd
Riding high on their miraculous victory, the party heads into the evening’s feast and entertainment in high spirits. Meratt traditions seem to get far stranger than a spiritual victory bouquet, however, as the night quickly descends into some rather uncomfortable games…

Session 04 – We’re Hunting… Peasants?
Just when you may have thought blinding Halflings for fun was a strange way to party, the Sunday afternoon hunt is after commoners from the area! Stalking off into the forests alone with nobody but Purple Finch by their side, much greater threats await the party than a wandering peasant…

Session 05 – Much Ado about Stachys
With the Jubilee behind them, the party moves down south to Stachys. As the “Betony heirs”, they are the tribunes of the town, and all matters of its rule fall into their lap. Dara’s lap, specifically. There’s MUCH work to be done…

Session 06 – Basement Fairies?
We left off with Nell alone in a basement, shrunken to about 3 feet tall, and unconscious after a sleep spell…
Three angry fairies have him in their clutches, and the rest of the party’s new estate at their mercy. Trouble is surely spread wide across Meratt County!

Session 07 – Sepsinia
Something is very wrong at Dame Crabbe’s estate… and her daughter Sepsinia lies at the center of it. Can the party reveal the secret hiding in the middle of Moost, and make their way through the hedge maze behind Crabbe’s manor?

Session 08 – Introducing Bubo, New Best Friend
Everyone who has ever been a part of a tabletop game (or even better, run one themselves) knows how easy it is for things to derail and incredible speed. Sometimes, though, that just leads us to the best new situations. Like Bubo.

Session 09 – Debating Snakes, Political and Otherwise
Finally addressing the problem in the Goldpebble Canyon west of their estate, the party now needs to figure out what to do with an injured Acolyte of Abadar. Baron Okerra is also on his way, and he’s heard some troubling news about this little town of Stachys…

This episode we broke in the new Verbal Duel rules Pathfinder added in Ultimate Intrigue. The situation took us a bit of setup to get into our first time, but if you’ve never tried out these rules before hopefully listening to our first try can help you figure out the basics too!

Session 10 – Everything Goes Great, Until it Doesn’t
It’s about time to get water back to Stachys. With things finally starting to turn around for the beleaguered peasants, the party actually has a bit of time to relax and take care of business at home.
That is, until they receive a VERY unexpected visitor…

***Audio is a bit off this episode since the headset I was using during the show was having issues. Since I have the mix on my end, that affected how I balanced the audio during the live play. Unfortunately, I can’t do much to fix it afterwards!***

Session 11 – When it Rains, it Pours
Dealing with Gusairne’s new watchdog is enough of a hassle, but that isn’t the end of the party’s troubles. The Spring harvest has finally come, and with it comes day after day of terrible news…

Session 12 – She Knows™
The party faces a choice this day. They need strong allies in Meratt. Their options appear before them, one figure so absorbed with the guidance of law he’s willing to send the county into a martial dictatorship, and another who wishes to bring down the entire system itself from the top.

But, there’s even more. Lurking off in the northern barony is a quick-witted woman who knows more than she should…

Session 13 – SHE ALSO KNOWS™
They’ve spent a month in Meratt, and their game is slowly starting to be discovered. The nobles here, always eager to climb, are well familiar with the Lotheed family. Martella is not an unknown to them.

With the rumors circulating around after Sir Gusairne’s visit, how much longer can the heroes stay incognito?

Session 14 – It’s Raining Women
Dara Rostam has found himself in a… compromising situation. Posing as a married man, but nearly forced into infidelity by Duchess Lotheed himself? And to think, this isn’t even the START of his strange lady problems…

Session 15 – Spiders, Swans, and the Eternal Slumber
Here’s an exciting break from the political machinations- an episode filled to the brim with combat! Our heroes start out immediately threatened by the “Night Swan” living in Lake Lauchlein, and it doesn’t end there!

Session 16 – Everything Comes to a Head
As the party moves deep into an abandoned estate to deal with the cursed Baron Telus, even worse trouble is brewing back in their home town of Stachys.

This is EASILY the most “Can’t miss!” episode so far!

Session 17 – Victory Lap
In the aftermath of their living room brawl, the party faces a difficult decision: what the hell do they even do next? Their adventures take them on one last tour around Meratt County, really getting an opportunity to see the difference they’ve made to all its people.

Of course, they’re far from above repercussion with the Count…

Session 18 – Count Bartleby’s Showdown
The time has finally come! After nearly three months in Meratt County, the party’s hand has been forced. With Baron Okerra’s support, they ride to the Palace of Birdsong to end this chapter of their story… once and for all.

The Count will not give up his reign easily…

Session 19 – Ehlers (SEASON FINALE!)
Count Bartleby has surrendered the county, but there are far worse forces lurking in the Palace of Birdsong than just he. At the moment of their victory, a shadowy demon named Ehlers appeared and teleported away with Inori.

Can the party fight their way through the supernatural denizens of the palace tower, and save her before it’s too late?

SEASON THREE – War For the Crown: Book Three – The Twilight Child

Session 01 – An Idiot Has the Ring
Join the party with a fairly relaxing month in Meratt tying up loose ends! Before they can move on with their War for the Crown and assist Martella and Princess Eutropia elsewhere, there are still some things that need to be dealt with back here at their new home.

What will become of Sir Gusairne and his men back in Stachys? What became of the Night Swan? Will that one random merchant ever get his 4,000 gold back for the cursed Ring of Mind Shielding?

Session 02 – Yanmass? More like Yanmess.
The brief vacation was all well and good, but across Taldor the #WarForTheCrown continues. Martella has a new task for our heroes, one that will send them to the farthest reaches of the Taldan empire.

Yanmass is a merchant city in the Avin Prefecture, the northernmost region of Taldor. Its the last stop for traders leaving north to Galt or east to Casmaron, and the first stop for Kellid traders coming in from the deserts. Coin flows like water through its streets, but as of recent, it’s brought more trouble than it may be worth…

Session 03 – That’s… That’s Actually a Nice Con
With a few leads before them, the party splits up to see what they can discover in Yanmass.

Belor and Kahina decide to go investigate the new restaurant, “Savories”, while Dara heads to the tavern for another encounter with Lieutenant Taycharr. Elsewhere in town, the conspiracy theorist Farkin was reported missing, but her house is certainly occupied…

Session 04 – Togetherness and Community
The party follows up on the third of Yanmass’ woes this week, deciding to look into the supposed “Twilight’s Children”. When they find out what the Cult ACTUALLY worships, they absolutely have to go see it for themselves…

Session 05 – A Plan Seconds in the Making
In perhaps the most shocking twist yet, the party has put together a truly impressive plan to catch whoever is behind the assassination attempts! With their first real lead underneath them, finally, we can start truly digging into the heart of Yanmass’ problems.

Their investigation leads them to a derelict warehouse long-abandoned near the mouth of the city’s canal…

*** We had a couple of minor audio issues this session. The GM is sick and frequently had to mute his microphone to cough. A couple of times, it didn’t want to come back off mute so his audio didn’t transmit for a few seconds. Sorry!***

Session 06 – Make a Fortitude Save
Our heroes may have been thrust into a campaign much more violent than their (mostly) comfortable lives had prepared them for, but so far they’ve done much more socializing and noble elbow-rubbing than they have sword-swinging. Now, inside the Sanguine Brothers’ slaughterhouse, they’ll face far more monstrous opposition than they’ve seen so far…

Session 07 – More Plagues than just Dreams
Four Pairakas dead. With most of their magic and resources depleted, we have no idea how many may be left. The slaughterhouse still has one full tower untouched, and three rooms along the western front.

How far can the party push before they simply… run out of gas?

Session 08 – Older Friends and Older Enemies
With one of the two resurrection diamonds in Yanmass consumed, the party has to tread with extreme caution through the rest of their journeys. Nell’s brush with the dead was unsettling to be sure, but fortunately, the young man takes things in stride.

Other men, however, may hold grudges much longer…

Session 09 – Totally Trustworthy Leads
Another “problem” in Yanmass is out of our heroes’ path with the departure of the Kozan Bravos, but there’s certainly still a lot going on. Lieutenant Taychar left us with a lead to investigate Hedge Hill on the east side of the city, but can he really be trusted?

Session 10 – A Game of Dice
The trail leads to the abandoned caravanserai Tallgrasses, and the party now knows that two of their problems are one. Strange div from another world were a threat surely, but how can they even begin to face down a trained military regiment?

Session 11 – Stories of Staubels
Raise the alarm! The caravanserai is mustering their defenses, and the party only has a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before a full-force military defense is organized against them!

Commander Staubel is somewhere in Tallgrasses, and her forces stand ready.

**NOTE: For some reason, twitch.tv was having massive issues with video and highlight processing immediately after our show this week. This has translated into some audio issues, so sorry for the less-than-stellar quality 🙁 **

Session 12 – The Evasive Earl
Yanmass has found peace. The bandit raids have been stopped, and the plague of dreams put to rest.

We know who was behind both of these disasters, and he’ll only escape over the party’s dead bodies!

**NOTE: I figured out the buzzing issue! It’s due to the new setup I have for the summer in our temporary location. I fixed it… halfway through this show. Should be the last of it, though!**

Session 13 – A Cult of a Circle
Belor, for one, has a mission: Eradicate the Cult of the Twilight Child. Vaddrigan and his cultists have heavily supported them, and the alchemist Huddriga has created a plethora of defenses for them. How will the party save “Prince Carrius”?

Session 14 – The End of a Circle
The basement awaits, where Vaddrigan Pol and his cult have protected the true secrets of the Twilight’s Children. Whatever their true purpose, surely the aasimar will not let their operation go without a fight!

Session 15 – The Stakes
The Twilight’s Children are no more, and the Twilight Child himself is safe. As the party makes their plans to end their adventures in Yanmass, though, there’s still one more man who ask a request of them…

SEASON FOUR – War For the Crown: Book Four – City in the Lion’s Eye

Session 01 – Coming Back, and Moving On
The aftermath of our Psychopomp battle is dire, and we’re in dire need of a cleric… some more than others.

We wrap up our business in Yanmass, and head back to Meratt County to reunite a sister with her long lost sibling…

Session 02 – A Training Montage?
Everything is settled, and time keeps moving forward. Are our heroes ready for the next stage of their adventure?

No. They aren’t. They aren’t at all. We’re going to need some specialized training for this one…

Session 03 – Of Dragons (?) and Mimics (?)
This episode dives DIRECTLY into the action, so I hope you’re caught up! Our heroes descend immediately into a fight with a virtual Crag Linnorm as the Loin Blade’s training equipment malfunctions… or is this all part of the test?

Session 04 – Oney Covfefe
We’ve got to make contact with Killian, the last agent of the Lion Blades left inside Zimar who survived the purge.

There’s only one chance to make a good impression, and this paranoid spy will surely go to ground if we spook him! Can we make this work?

Session 05 – Sewer People
Well… we found Jeroth? With that harrowing encounter behind us and most of the party’s cover blown, it’s time to retreat into the Undercity beneath Zimar.

Kahina knows of one contact in the depths that might be helpful, but there’s surely much more lurking beneath the surface than a single otyugh…

Session 06 – Crocodiles, Crypts and Criminals
We’ve been relegated to the proverbial dumpster… the literal sewer! These tunnels and halls connect in a mass beneath Zimar known as the city’s unofficial “6th District”.

The problem is, lots of other things live down here too…

Session 07 – The Whole Story
In this UNMISSABLE episode, we meet up again with an old antagonist and find out he may know more than we first believed…

Session 08 – Frenemies?
The way forward is unclear. We know why we’re here, and we trained for weeks in the Kitharodian Academy to infiltrate Zimar, but… how? And for what purpose?

The real question that we can’t quite shake here: are we still on the right side of history?

Session 09 – EVERYONE Knows.
We’re doing really poorly at this whole “spy” thing. The good news is that we have leads, and avenues we can pursue to try to bring true justice to Taldor.

Well, at least what we think is true justice.

Are… we’re still the good guys, right?

Session 10 – An Ending?
I hope you’re caught up, because this week’s episode brings us into a final showdown that’s been brewing for months- in game and out!

The party finally faces off with Milon Jeroth, once and for all!

Session 11 – The Wrongest It Could Go
Things have taken a downturn for the party. Jeroth continues to outplay our every move, and the city of Zimar is now wholly against us. Nell is captured, and Dara and Kahina are left alone in the sewers to fend off a trio of Ogre Samurai.

How could it possibly get worse?

Session 12 – Teleportation and Death
Dara is blessed (cursed?) with a divine Geas from the Boneyard. Nell is unconscious and in custody, with no idea where he’s being taken. The rest of the party has had both their actual and cover identities blown by Milon Jeroth.

How can this operation continue? Can the party even make their way back into the city of Zimar?

Session 13 – Enemy of my… Frenemy?
Well, guess we’re working for a strange monk woman. Nell, at least, was given little choice… and she seems nice enough, right?

Session 14 – The Massacre
Still trapped under the monk Amila Jades’ control, all Nell can do is hope that with the night hag dead he’ll be freed.

Does anyone really believe that’s what will happen, though?

Session 15 – Father of a Nation, Father of a Circle
After all this time working around the fringes of the elusive Circe, the old man himself has finally arrived to meet the party. What does he want, and more importantly, what have we done to finally earn his ire?

Elsewhere, Kathann Zalar waits with further orders based on the evidence we recovered from the monastery and the night hags…

Session 16 – Here, there be Dragons
We have our new orders: stop General Pythareus, by any means necessary, and bring him to justice!

Extracting him from his castle defenses may be our party’s greatest challenge yet, and before we commit to an operation like that, we will need whatever allies we can get. Archbanker Linkus Dracht seemed reasonable in the past, and with our new evidence, my yet be sympathetic to our cause…

Session 17 – Abadar’s Pillar
Dracht is dead, Jeroth has gone to ground, and we have no real idea what waits for us behind the walls of Abadar’s Pillar.

But… we’ve got a few disguises and somewhat of a plan, so now is the time to strike.

Session 18 – The End of the War
We’ve cornered the High Strategos, General Maxillar Pythareus, atop the battlements of his own keep in Zimar.

It’s time to end this.

SEASON FIVE – War For the Crown: Book Five – The Reaper’s Right Hand

Session 01 – A Royal Concern
It’s been nearly two years since the War for the Crown. After General Pythareus stood down, there wasn’t much standing between Eutropia and her long-awaited crown. With their mission complete, the party went (mostly) their separate ways, returning to their old lives with newfound fame and fortune.

Nothing lasts forever though, especially not a relaxing retirement! In the summer of 4720, each of the original fingers of the Hand of Eutropia receive an urgent message from their old ally, Martella Lotheed…

Session 02 – We Just Got Here
With two years to hone his craft, Belor has truly become one of the most powerful wizards in Taldor. With a single spell, he has found a destination for their pursuit: the town of Hyden, in eastern Taldor.

Respect must be paid to the fallen, though, and the party waited another day before leaving to attend the funeral. Afterwards, they find out they’ve been left something very odd in the will…

Session 03 – How Many Licks to Get to the Center
We’re here, we’re alive, and the Imperial Archive is where we’re going. Who knows what the abandoned town of Hyden may hold in its center?

I’m betting it will be at least one assassin guilty of regicide…

Session 04 – Dark Halls and Darker Plots
What… is this place? Where are we, and who is operating out of this insane lair?

We’ve found more Blood Spawn down here, so we’ve definitely got a hunch…

***There will be NO show next week due to the Holidays!***

Session 05 – Why Won’t You Die?!
This was going pretty well, we thought, until these damn immortals just decided not to die!

Who could possibly have known that a centuries-old undying club would be hard to kill off?

Session 06 – A Family Matter
We know exactly what we’ll find at the center of the Immaculate Circle- Panivar Lotheed, the architect behind this cult of immortality.

All that’s left to learn is how these events will play out… and whether or not our party can survive this second meeting!