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SMITE 035- I Was Actually Doing Good :(

Another one of the games I had with iPwnstar4hire, Cupid/Hades combo again. Pwn is going through all the gods alphabetically trying to get a mastery level on each one, and he’s on Hades. I figured the best comp we could build with him was a Cupid/Hades duo lane because of ults. this was one of […]

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SMITE 034- I Want to Pet Dog

My view of the in-house game I had with Drybear on his stream the other day. shenanigans were had, of course.

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Binding of Isaac 013- Pew Pew Laser Souls

Protip- technology 2+dead bird+level 3 meat boy makes ??? shoot a FUCKLOAD faster than he really needs to.

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SMITE 032- Zhong Wut?

As is becoming typical, here is my first match I tried out Zhong Kui. He’s a bit weird to learn, how his card works with everything, but I did alright. I was a pretty big fan of him immediately.

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