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SMITE 046- Because Freya.


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SMITE 045- Brobek, Carry of Humanity

The MOTD’s have been on a streak of actually being awesome recently. I seriously NEVER play them, but I did quite a few matches of this Egyptians-only arena 😀

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SMITE 044- Pwning Zombies with Unicorns… or Something

I thoroughly enjoy mah Zhong Kui. This game started out relatively to severely poopy, but holy comeback of the century. We pulled it together HARD near the end. Enough to win? Iunno 😛

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Pew Pew Laser Souls 8- The Crown of True Pew

For any who don’t know, seriously, the Dusk Crown is a pile of amazing. I feel like the reason Sorcery is so ridiculous in Dark souls is that there are all these synergy items. There’s no Hat of Face Smashery or Bellowing Asswhooper’s Ring, just that type of stuff for magic. Also since I have […]

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Pew Pew Laser Souls 7- I Must Be a Masochist

You gentlemens want more Pew Pew Laser Souls, here it is 😀 There will be more regular Dark Souls on the main channel soon too, but after me and Drybear actually play some more because footage.

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Binding of Isaac 015- RNG is Killing This Game For Me

When 9/10 runs just aren’t fun because of terrible items, the game slowly starts to lose its appeal 🙁

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SMITE 043- Sometimes, a Tank’s Gotta Sacrifice

…and when they do, they go down as heroes. GO, MY TEAM. GET THE TRIPLE KILL.

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Binding of Isaac 014- Well… At Least I Unlocked Samson

He is a bucket of suck nuggets.

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SMITE 042- Lizard Scale Backpack

More shenanigans with iPwnstar4hire, this time playing as Brobek. Things did not go spectacularly well (or this would be main channelled :P).

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Dawngate 003- Literally just Throwing Money Away

I played this match with Mez, the Giant Walking Neighboorhood Tombstone/Ice Cream Truck, and it was shenanigans. As is basically anything that involves me and Mez.

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SMITE 041- Remember… Me…

I get Hades in Assault ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I swear my blankety blank of Hades video is just gonna end up being Assault because fuck it.

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SMITE 040- Guan New

Stream wanted to see Guan New, so we tried him out in the jungle. With absolutely no idea how to build him in the first place and no awareness of what items I was buying, things were… rough.

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SMITE 039- Five Pull Hive Pull

We entered this game with one goal: create a 5 man Arachne pull chain into our base.

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SMITE 038- Stahp Surrendering

The prelude to the Story of Salt

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SMITE 037- A Story of Salt

PSA: This is a salty video PSA 2: If you don’t like salty videos don’t watch it PSA 3: If you don’t like salty videos and decide to watch it anyway and bitch in the comments about it, nobody cares. Pro tip: A lot of people like the salty videos, they are brought entertainment by […]

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SMITE 036- We Need More Zhong Whatevers

…so you will have them

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SMITE 035- I Was Actually Doing Good :(

Another one of the games I had with iPwnstar4hire, Cupid/Hades combo again. Pwn is going through all the gods alphabetically trying to get a mastery level on each one, and he’s on Hades. I figured the best comp we could build with him was a Cupid/Hades duo lane because of ults. this was one of […]

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SMITE 034- I Want to Pet Dog

My view of the in-house game I had with Drybear on his stream the other day. shenanigans were had, of course.

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Binding of Isaac 013- Pew Pew Laser Souls

Protip- technology 2+dead bird+level 3 meat boy makes ??? shoot a FUCKLOAD faster than he really needs to.

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SMITE 032- Zhong Wut?

As is becoming typical, here is my first match I tried out Zhong Kui. He’s a bit weird to learn, how his card works with everything, but I did alright. I was a pretty big fan of him immediately.

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