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War for the Crown – Session 0

The Grand Day of Exaltation is always a momentous day for all in Taldor, but this year tops them all. The holiday embodies the dream of all Taldans outside the noble castes: One commoner is selected and ascended by the Grand Prince himself into the ranks of nobility. Sometimes this commoner is selected based on his or her incredible merits, and sometimes they are drawn at complete random. Regardless, this yearly occasion inspires all within the nation to continue their hard work and forward progress, promising that their labor will turn just rewards.

This year, however, is so much more.

The national Taldan Senate opens its sessions on this same day, as it always has. Normally, this event is almost purely ceremonial. With much pomp and circumstance the Senate reconvenes, and then continues almost immediately into stagnation as it always has. The ruling body of Taldor is a slow beast. In many ways, it represents the real soul of Taldor, the one seen by those outside the country. It represents the ancient, unchanged ideals Taldor was built on millennia ago.

This year, the Senate is opening with a vote on one of the first hugely divisive issues it has had in centuries: primogeniture. The laws that have stood since Taldor began state that only a male heir can inherit the ruling throne. Grand Prince Stavian III, however, has no male heirs. He has only one daughter, Princess Eutropia Stavian. Eutropia has spent years spearheading a push to overturn the current laws of primogeniture, allowing the blood succession to either gender, and her work culminates on this very day. No Senate vote has divided the country so evenly in recent memory. Many reformers and activists wish to see the current law overturned, placing the Princess in line for the new throne. Others see this work as a power grab Eutropia is simply using to assume her father’s throne. Regardless of their reasons, that issue is scheduled to be settled today.

This combination of holiday and politics has brought an incredible amount of people into the capital city of Oppara. Senators and hopefuls, aristocrats and nobles, and a even arrays of spies and investigators have flocked to the scene for this historic event. The city has swelled to well over three times its normal population as people not only from all corners of the nation, but of the inner sea region in its entirety have gathered for their various purposes. One of these is Lady Martella Lotheed.

Lady Lotheed comes from a noble lineage ruling over a county not far from the capital, and on this day she has arrived to gather a team. Espionage and subterfuge have long been her strengths, and she seeks to work behind the scenes at the Exaltation Gala for her own political ends. Martella wants to see male-only primogeniture overturned. To this end, she has recruited 5 allies from various walks of life around Taldor. Five men and women not unknown to the nation’s populace, but neither are they major figures or movers of the political tide. Five faces and names with just enough notoriety to go unquestioned in the gala itself, but plain enough to pass behind the major scenes as they do her work.

These five agents accepted her call, and gathered in a small café in downtown Oppara a few hours before the Gala begins to meet with Lady Lotheed and discuss her plans. Each has their own reasons for wanting to see new primogeniture instated, but as they gathered in the café they had no idea just how far their ideals would end up taking them.


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